Placenta encapsulation, or consuming your placenta, has been known to provide a wide range of benefits to new mothers. It began as a common practice in Chinese medicine but over time has found a place in Western medicine, as well. Today’s mothers choose The Placenta Pill from all over the north DFW area, including Denton, Arlington, Lewisville, Argyle, Grapevine, Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Fort Worth, Allen, Keller and more! The Placenta Pill makes no guarantees as to the reported benefits, and provides an encapsulation service only.

The placenta exchanges nutrients and blood with the fetus while it is in the mother’s womb, and is believed to increase the mother’s health after the baby is born. There are many ways to ingest the placenta. One way is to convert it into pills. Some women eat the placenta raw, with food, or combined with a smoothie, however The Placenta Pill upholds the highest in preparation safety and therefore only offers the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of steaming the placenta to lock in the essence, as well as effectively killing any harmful bacteria that may be present. The placenta should be consumed by the mother soon after birth, or stored safely. If you choose The Placenta Pill to encapsulate your placenta, please review our Preparation Checklist page with detailed instructions for safe handling.

Here are some benefits of placenta encapsulation, as reported by our past clients:

Increased oxytocin

This hormone is responsible for a host of pro-social behaviors such as friendliness, bonding with your infant, and sexual pleasure. Having a baby can be hard and though mothers love their bundles of joy, some may suffer from postpartum depression as their hormones fluctuate. With an increase in oxytocin they may be able to gain support from friends, create a securer bond with their infant, and reap the benefits of intimacy with their significant other. Another benefit of oxytocin is related to the uterus. This hormone helps the uterus return to its regular size.

Increase in stress-reducing hormone

Corticotropin Releasing Hormone (CRH) is released by the hypothalamus and plays a big part in reducing stress. After giving birth the demands of unpredictable hormones, body changes, and an infant can produce a lot of stress for mothers. Placenta encapsulation has been known to help women cope with these demands which will lead to an easier return to normal activities and relationships.

Regulation of Iron levels

After child birth, low iron levels may lead to anemia. This can cause excessive tiredness, dizziness, and difficulty taking in enough air. These symptoms can be reduced or prevented by using the natural nutrients of a placenta.

Better milk production

In a study conducted by the First Obstetric Clinic at Charles University, in Prague, researchers found that 86% of the 210 women given placenta showed an increase in milk supply within a few days. While the study proves placenta hormones do positively affect milk production, it will need to be expanded to discover which hormones produce this effect.

Pain Relief

Ingesting the placenta can boost the pain-relieving qualities of opioids. This can lessen side effects of these medications and allow the mother to bond better with her infant.

As always, consult with The Placenta Pill and your medical care provider with any questions. The Placenta Pill looks forward to serving you soon!