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Terms and Conditions
I, , have asked The Placenta Pill, LLC and its contractors to prepare my placenta in capsule form for my own personal use. As a condition of this service, I make the following assertions:
I understand that no guarantee of results is either offered or implied.
I release The Placenta Pill, LLC from any and all liability resulting from the consumption of my placenta.
I understand that The Placenta Pill, LLC does not diagnose or treat illness.
I understand that general guidelines for placenta capsule usage are provided for reference only and I trust in my own ability to follow my body for actual usage decisions.
Equipment failure is beyond the control of The Placenta Pill, LLC and I understand that power loss or equipment failure may render my placenta unusable.
My placenta does not contain any transmittable diseases, such as, but not limited to; Hepatitis A, B or C, HIV/AIDS, STDs, MRSA, etc.
The placenta has been and/or will be handled in a manner appropriate for safe food preparation since the birth.
Once The Placenta Pill LLC contractors have taken possession of my placenta, no refunds will be issued for any reason (other than encapsulation equipment power failure).
Warranty Disclaimer. The Placenta Pill, LLC provides a preparation service only. The Placenta Pill, LLC makes no representation, guaranty, or warranty, express or implied, in particular, The Placenta Pill, LLC makes no representation, guarantee or warranty, express or implied, concerning the quality of the placenta for consumption or degree of personal results from the placenta, nor as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of products after processing by The Placenta Pill, LLC.


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